Welcome to Jansen Bible Church's Awana Program!

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On Wednesday nights during the school year, the population of the town of Jansen, Nebraska, appears to nearly double in size. The reason? Jansen Bible Church’s Awana program.

A non-denominational Bible church and home to one of the area’s largest Awana programs, Jansen Bible Church has been running a successful Awana program since 1995. Awana is a non-denominational kids program for ages pre-kindergarten through 8th grade that focuses on teaching children the Word of God in a fun and entertaining environment.  The kids learn Bible verses, hear interesting stories, play exciting games, sing songs, and earn prizes and awards every Wednesday night from September through April. The vast majority of the Awana leaders are members of Jansen Bible Church and parents themselves and many have been with the program since the very beginning.

The founders of Awana derived the Awana name from the first letters of "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed" taken from II Timothy 2:15 of the Bible. Today, more than 12,000 U.S. churches sponsor Awana programs in all 50 states and abroad.

For more information about the Awana program at Jansen Bible Church, call John Ensz at (402) 239-9923.

Message from the Commander

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Awana program of Jansen Bible Church.  Your child is very important to us and we hope we will be an important part of their lives as well.  Our Awana club is part of more than 13,000 Awana clubs which operate around the world.  We are very excited about Awana and pray that our excitement will be evident in your child’s desire to return each Wednesday evening.

As you may or may not be aware, your child will be working very hard to become a member of our Awana program.  As a member, your child will be entitled to wear an Awana uniform.  This uniform is a symbol of accomplishment to each child.  There is a fee that will be due for the uniform once the child has earned the privilege to wear it.  For those who find this to be a hardship, please see the Commander or Secretary for alternate arrangements.  Please do not let finances prevent your child(ren) from attending Awana.

The weekly Awana club meeting consists of three parts: games, handbook time, and council time (singing and Bible story.)  There are several trained adults involved in the four club levels:

            Cubbies –            3 years to pre-Kindergarten
            Sparks –              Kindergarten – 2nd grade
            T & T –                 3rd – 6th grade
            Trek –                  7th – 8th grade

ARRIVAL-Our Awana Program starts each Wednesday promptly at 6:30 p.m.  Doors will not open to clubbers until 6:15 p.m.  Preferably, all children should be here no later than 6:25 in order to accomplish each evening’s goals.  Cubbies should be dropped off at the Cubbies room in the basement of the church; all other clubbers are to report to the fellowship hall upon arrival. 

DISMISSAL-We will dismiss at 8:15 p.m.  Cubbies must be signed out of their class by a parent.  Sparks and T&T may not leave the fellowship hall until picked up by a parent/guardian.  All clubbers must be picked up by 8:30 p.m.

We ask that each child bring 75 cents dues each week to cover the cost of awards.  Dues can be prepaid, $10 for half of the Awana year or $20 annually.

Please read the club standards.  These are established to ensure your child has as much fun as possible and remains as safe as possible.  If you have other questions or concerns, please be sure to contact us.

For the sake of Christ,

John Ensz
(402) 239-9923

NOTE:  Parents are invited to attend the Community Bible Study at the Jansen Legion Hall starting at 6:45 p.m. for a time of fellowship & refreshments.